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We believe in:

•  Allowing children to make mistakes & encouraging self-learning

•  Learning beyond classrooms and textbooks

•  Thinking out of the box & being creative

The combination of the above will make them thoughtful leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow

We Provide:

•   A sound grounding of an academic career

•   Learning by converting concepts into practice

•   Learning through activities and sports

Aims & Objectives

The sole aim of this institution is to impart progressive education for an all round mental and physical growth of a child.

The educational mechanism of this institution is aimed at broadening the intellect, developing the  mind as per the requirement of present day by imparting quality education.

Academy ensures that every child is important & plays a vital role as  the architect of his future and it helps him to attain the goal towards a successful academic career.

The prime objectives of the school is to ascertain moral, intellectual, physical and social development of its students.

The school seeks  to create the atmosphere of genuine care and concern in which the student can grow naturally.

Students Enrolment Information

Admission & Withdrawal:

Children of all states, both boys and girls, will normally be admitted into the nursery. Admission to other classes will be done only after a test. The principal reserves the right to assign any pupil to the class for which she / he thinks the child is best suited. At the time of admission the parent or guardian will have to submit birth certificate of the candidate either in the form of a transfer certificate from a recognized school or an official birth certificate in support  of the date of birth entered in the admission form.

In admission for all classes, candidates' parents will also be interviewed.

Before withdrawing a student from the school, a month's notice is to be given or a month's fee to be paid in lieu of notice. No allowances will be made for broken periods, if the withdrawal is to take effect within the last two months or the final term, full fees for the term must be paid. The transfer certificate will be given on payment of Rs. 10 after two weeks of the receipt of the application. No school leaving certificate will be issued unless all school dues are paid, library books and school properties are returned.

If any student fails to qualify two consecutive annual exams in the same class he/she will be struck off rolls and a transfer certificate will be issued.

Principal's  decision is final in all cases of dismissal.


Sunshine Academy provides students with

Lush Green Campus & Spacious Classrooms

Large Playground & CCTV Surveillance

Smart Classes & Activity-Based Learning

Day Boarding & Transport Service

Students’ Growth Analysis Through Latest Software

IT - Aided Education with Modern Computer Labs & Library

Ensuring ‘English Only’ Campus & Student Centered Classes

Stress on Co-Curricular & Extra - Curricular Activities

Students who attend regularly are successful in their career

To be eligible for promotion, a student must have a minimum of 85% attendance.

Staying away from school without leave will not be accepted except when the cause is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances.

Students who have been absent for three days or more due to illness will have to submit a medical certificate. Guardian / Parents should give a prior intimation to the school on the 3rd day of their absence if the student is likely to be absent for a longer duration.

If absence without leave exceeds fifteen days. the defaulter’s name will be struck off the rolls and pupil is considered withdrawn.

Late arrival in school is a breach off discipline, late comers will be sent back unless there are unavoidable circumstances.


Our school has a formal uniform policy, supported by Governing Council. Accordingly, students who enroll at Sunshine Academy are expected to adopt the dress code as it is printed in the school diary.

Our Mission

MISSION To provide innovative solutions to solve critical problems in education field through the blend of modern technology and resources in a pleasant environment... ? PLAN The intention of our Management Team is purely to render service to the society by grooming children to become future leaders of our country in all the sectors. We would not limit ourselves in rendering services to every sphere of life. We have chalked-out a plan like, coaching institutes of Kota, Rajasthan;... Read More

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